10. Lily Hevesh - Domino Artist Extraordinaire

64 minutes

On this episode I had the pleasure of talking w/ the world famous domino artist and youtube star, Lily Hevesh.

Over the last 10 plus years, Lily has built a domino empire. She’s a young driven lady who has the vision of a world entrepreneur but with a heart of gold coupled with extreme discipline and creativity for her art.

I learned a lot from her, but most importantly I was taken away by the humility and grace in how she handles her youtube fame.

I think you maybe surprised, but Lily’s main message on this podcast is that she wants her listeners to know is that she’s human, just like you and I. She has likes, dislikes, aspirations, and hobbies just like any other human being. There’s more to dominos than meets the eye.

So please sit back and relax while we dive deep into Lily’s world and learn who she really is.


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